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Winemaker with passion for 140 years

Ideal landscapes and climatic conditions contribute to making Ticino one of the most renowned wine-growing areas in the world for the production of elegant and refined wines. Ticino can be considered the home of Merlot, and its wines are often awarded internationally for excellence, uniqueness and identity. It is in this context that the GHIDOSSI WINE GROUP was founded, a Group that brings together three prestigious wineries with a similar history of passion, tradition and state-of-the-art technology: Cantine Ghidossi, Chiodi SA Ascona, Vinicola Carlevaro.

Ghidossi Wine Group represents the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. The winegrowers of the three cellars have skilfully chosen vines suited to the soil and climate of the region. In particular, the Merlot grape variety enjoys the favourable position of the southern Alps. Its cultivation occupies 80 per cent of the vineyards and is perfectly suited to both the steep terraces of the Sopraceneri and the sunny hills of the Sottoceneri.

Tradition, craftsmanship, professionalism and passion have raised production standards. Today, the quality and reputation of Ticino wines are very high, thanks also to research and investment in cutting-edge technologies: wines such as the "Ticino doc Merlot Saetta of 2017" (Saetta, from the nickname of the owner Gianfranco Ghidossi) or the "Ticino doc Merlot San Martino 2018" have won numerous national and international prizes and awards. This is official recognition that Canton Ticino is a land of excellence in Merlot production.


Thanks to commitment and passion, Ghidossi Wine Group produces and markets high quality wines, produced in Ticino and imported from Italy and France, which make the Group one of the most important in the Swiss wine scene.