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Faithful to tradition and respect for the territory

Cantine Carlevaro, The History

Ticino, home of Merlot. It is here that his grandfather, Severino Carlevari, began his entrepreneurial activity in the early 1900s, focusing on the bottling and marketing of wines, a passion that he passed on to his son.

But it was in the 1960s that his nephew, Gian Piero, thanks to his studies as an oenologist, began to dedicate himself to improving the quality of production in Molinazzo di Arbedo, Bellinzona, transforming the company from a family business to an industrial one.

The new winemaking cellar is modernized with stainless steel tanks, the rooms for bottling and storing wines are expanded and a department for barriques is created. In the old cellar, the wooden barrels are replaced by modern fiberglass tanks.

In 1982, the company grew further. Gian Piero decides to favor Ticino grapes, purchasing them from 200 local winemakers, and imports foreign wines, especially Italian ones, distributing them.

The Carlevaro winery maintains privileged relationships with Piedmont, and in Monferrato, Gian Piero vinifies Barbera grapes, producing 200,000 litres.

The production of Merlot becomes a priority, thanks to the composition of the soil and the Ticino climate, guaranteeing a high level of quality in the wines, with the cellar producing 80,000-100,000 bottles.


With professional commitment and a lot of experience, the Ghidossi Group produces and markets high quality wines: produced in Ticino or imported from Italy and France. Ghidossi Wine is a leader in the Swiss wine scene.


The Carlevaro winery receives numerous awards and some of its wines are recognized internationally. Ampelio, one of the best reds from Ticino, is vinified in the Bordeaux style and aged for a year in barrique, presenting a ruby ​​red color and a refined spicy and toasted scent.

Other successful wines include La Murata, Riserva del Carmagnola, Bianco Albino and rosé Fior d'Autunno.

In 2009, Carlevaro SA was purchased by Chiodi Ascona.



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