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Faithful to tradition and respect for the territory

Our history

From beer to Merlot, a century-long winemaking tradition

In the heart of a centuries-old tradition, the history of the Chiodi SA company and the Arnaboldi family unfolds through the decades, intertwining the destiny of viticulture with the legacy of a passion handed down from generation to generation.

At the end of the nineteenth century, in a fundamental historical period for modern viticulture and technological innovation, the Arnaboldi family, even before the importation of the Merlot vines from the Bordeaux region, laid the roots of an adventure destined to mark the panorama wine.

1956 marks a fundamental chapter: Attilio Arnaboldi, the grandfather, acquires the ancient Chiodi grotto in Ascona on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Thus he began to produce beer and offer Italian wines, expanding the old cellar and building new warehouses which became the beating heart of an evolving wine tradition.

In the 70s, Fabio Arnaboldi, the eldest son, took over the reins of the company, specializing in the sale of French wines and creating his own productions. Tre Terre and Rompidée are produced in Bordeaux style, produced with grapes from "Terre di Pedemonte", matured in prestigious French oak barriques.

2005 marks a turning point: with the loss of his father, Andrea, a talented winemaker, takes over the reins and gives life to two new successful wines: the Ultima Goccia, soft and structured, and the Prima Goccia, an intriguing blend of grapes white wines fermented in barrique.

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Chiodi Ascona SA

Chiodi Ascona SA
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